Helping children to smile again - why we support Scotty's Little Soldiers

We've all smiled at those lovely images of troops returning from duty, and families reuniting haven't we? And the loveliest ones are where a toddler stumbles over to see the mum she hasn't seen for many months or when the five year-old who can't contain himself any longer, runs pell-mell into his daddy's arms.

Separation is a part of life in the services and it's tough on the family left behind. For some families though, they never get to have that longed-for hug, that breathtaking squeeze or that face-splitting smile of pure joy. Scotty's was set up to help children who lose a parent while serving in the armed forces, whether in action or not. As someone with a strong military connection, I really wanted to help out and so a percentage of each sale of any Handmade metalwork product goes to Scotty's to help put a smile back on the face of children who have gone through such loss. It seems the right thing to do, especially with Remembrance approaching

It's not a massive charity, but it really makes a difference, through providing an ongoing support network for bereaved families that gives them access to a range of services and help. Take a look at what they're doing at the moment, and I think you'll instantly see how important their work is. 

All the best for now, Ben Howson